AUDI E-TRON escape room

Europe (Barcelona, Madrid, Munich, Antwerp) - 2017/2019

An interactive, 360° immersive mapping experience featuring 8 projectors and 6 interactive installations. Users were presented with a series of challenges in each of the gamified spaces.

At the entrance, the user was welcomed with an explanatory video of what was to be found.
In the main room, users had to interact with various technological devices to pass tests and advance through six different levels presented in an immersive 360 mapping.
This futuristic dynamic space was the container for the new Audi E-tron Quattro, we deployed the most technological challenges of the escape room.

A high-end, extraordinary futuristic space.
Participants were able to interact with holograms, robotic arms, kinematik balls, lasers, 360º projection mapping interactions, integrated experiences within the car featuring its new technology.

Visual content: blit.
Production & interactive development: Antiloop
Client: Audi International
Agency: DDB