Frida Kahlo VR Experience

Cadavre Exquis - An immersive experience which creates an emotional connection

Frida Kahlo's life was marked by long periods of convalescence in the limited space of her bed, due to a serious accident and the after-effects it caused throughout her life. Cadavre Exquis takes this essential fact to build a literal VR journey from scratch, inspired by the artist's aesthetic environment, her colour palette and the textures she used in her paintings; a journey in which we fly in Kahlo's bed, travelling through essential scenes of her existence and immersing ourselves in her dreamlike imagination and the defining elements of her work. The mix of CGI, 360° filming and specially shot footage results in the redefinition of the concept of immersive experience, creating a direct emotional connection with the iconic artist in anyone who enjoys it.

Visual content: blit.
Client: Layers of reality
B.S.O.: Rafel Plana
Full soundtrack - here -