Data-ism celebrates the collision and fusion of the physical and natural world, manipulating environmental data to create an immersive full-dome animation experience. The data comes from databases on climate change, deforestation, water scarcity and habitat loss, drawing attention to the effects of human pressure on the environment. Data-ism draws a line between the theories of Darwin and Turing, exploring the new possibilities of visualizing data from the natural world using computerized algorithms.

Being climate change at the centre of discussions, FEDA, Andorra’s Power Company, commissioned us to develop an artistic approach to the topic.
The goal was to attract audience to discuss more in-depth and impress upon visitors the need for social cooperation and short-term action.
We created a full-dome installation, with an immersive projection experience, catching the audience's attention and putting them in a contemplative state of mind.

The separation between the natural and the digital world is collapsing. Data is changing how we seek the truth, even changing our philosophy of knowledge.
Data-ism resides at the confluence of two scientific waves. Charles Darwin, who first understood biological characteristics are the result of natural processes, and Alan Turing, a trailblazer in modern computer science. It is the evolution of the ideas of these pioneers who charted new paths for human thought. Today, algorithms encode the biological, the biochemical, the meteorological and break them down so we, as humans, can understand and act on them.

Climate change, deforestation, water scarcity and habitat loss are no longer a mystery to us. The environmental data is there for anyone to see. Data-ism transforms this data as you’ve never seen. Further demonstrating that the distance between data and reality is shrinking every day. Attesting that the boundaries of technological evolution continue to expand. But most importantly, reminding us that the knowledge exists, we just need to be willing to act on it.

SOUND DESIGN: Sound Object

Fira d'Andorra la Vella, Andorra | 2019
Ull Nu Festival, Andorra la Vella | 2021
Festival d’Art Efímer de la Llum i l’Aigua, Manresa Spain | 2023
Bright Festival, Leipzig Germany | 2023
ISE Integrated Systems Europe Conference, Barcelona | 2024